Football scandals

Football scandals in Belgium and the Champions League

It was really quiet in the European football community for a long time. All of a sudden football scandals are big news in Europe. From two different sides we’ve been bombarded with news messages about matchfixing and fraud. In this post we try to give a short summary of things that are happening in the world of football right now.

Football scandals

The biggest football scandal at this moment is without a doubt in the Belgium competition. Several people, from journalists to agents and even the manager of Club Brugge are arrested. The case is that some football agents fixed matches to keep there players in the top tier of Belgium football. One of the referees involved in this scandal even accepted a discount on a car(discount worth of 300 euros) to fix a match. There is so much happening right now, that this is probably the beginning of all problems. The Club Brugge manager is arrested for tax fraud, but was already set free within 24 hours after the arrest.

Champions League

The second big scandal is one in the Champions League. One of the directors of Red Star Belgrade made bets on several bet sites worth of 5 million euro, that his club would loose with a goal difference of at least 5 goals in the match against Paris Saint-Germain. PSG won the match with 6-1, which gives the director a profit of more than 20 million euro’s. It’s hardly impossible to think he makes bets like this without telling his team to make sure they loose the match with these numbers.

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