Football in Belarus

Football is slowly coming back during Coronacrisis

The outbreak of Covid-19 hasn’t been much fun for anyone. Life basically stopped for people who were forced to stay at home during lockdowns all over the world. The football world has also been massively affected by this virus. Recent developments all over the world show positive signs and football is turning back step by step. In this article I will discuss the leagues which we can watch in the near future.

Football in Belarus

This is the only European league where they never stopped playing. The president of Belarus never took the virus serious and he said football is a way to entertain the people. Fans are scared of the virus and refused to go to the stadium to watch their team play. This was solved by clubs to put dolls in the stadium with the face of their fans printed on it.

South Korean K-League

South Korea is the first big Asian country where football returns. The South Korean K-League is aware how special this is and they are going big about things. The first match, Jeonbuk Huyndai versus Suwong Samsung is live on both Twitter and Youtube. With football fans all over the world waiting for their beloved sport to return, viewing numbers will be huge.

German Bundesliga

The German Bundesliga is one of the biggest leagues in Europe and will generate a lot of attention when they return. The plans are football in Germany will return on the 15th of this month. German news outlet Der Spiegel talks about the way in which football can safely return in Germany. These are the highlights out of their article:

  • All 82 remaining matches will be continue without fans
  • When a player gets a positive Covid-19 test, he will be placed in quarantaine
  • Every player and staff member gets a test twice a week
  • Every player gets his own drinking bottle, sharing one isn’t allowed
  • The pre-match handshakes are cancelled

With these rules the DFB hopes football can safely return in Germany. It sounds a bit crazy all those rules, but personally I can’t wait to watch a football match again. So it can’t be 15 May soon enough for me.

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