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FIFPRO in the breach for Karsdorp after bullying

Rick Karsdorp is treated unfairly by AS Roma. This is what FIFPRO states in a statement, shared by the VVCS. The 27-year-old right back can count on the support of the international and Dutch players’ union. Shortly before the World Cup break, Karsdorp received an unprecedented blow from Roma coach José Mourinho. The Portuguese called him a ‘traitor’, among other things, because he would have failed during the Serie A duel with Sassuolo (1-1). The fact that angry fans came to pick him up at his house was the last straw for Karsdorp. The former Feyenoord player left for the Netherlands, but did so without permission from the club.

Disciplinary action for Karsdorp

Roma even threaten disciplinary action. According to FIFPRO, Karsdorp is the victim of a ‘bullying campaign’. ‘Karsdorp has been publicly denounced as a traitor, a hurtful and unfounded term. The club management has failed to apologize for this. Fans have repeatedly tried to confront him and his family. Now he is also the subject of an unjust disciplinary case.” It has been all over the news that there was a big fall out between both parties.

Lashing out at AS Roma

For the players’ union, the measure is full. In this way, the club is trying to divert attention from the recent poor performances and unjustly put pressure on the players. Such behavior is against FIFA rules.” VVCS director Louis Everard also lashes out at Roma. He finds it unacceptable that Karsdorp is used as a scapegoat to divert attention from the problems in Stadio Olimpico. “It is unacceptable for a club to isolate a player and treat him differently from his teammates.” FIFPRO Secretary General Jonas-Baer Hoffmann calls on Roma to respect Karsdorp’s rights as an employee.

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