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Everything You Need to Know About FIFA World Cup History in 7 Maps

Is it just us or have the last 4 years just flew in? Yes, it’s that time again – the 2018 FIFA World Cup has officially kicked off and of course we are incredibly excited here at Soccerage to see how the tournament pans out.

The 2018 World Cup is the 21st instalment of the highly-anticipated tournament and based on the results of the matches played so far, the trophy could be up for grabs for anyone this year, with Russia, Spain and Portugal having put in strong performances over the weekend while reigning champions Germany found themselves losing out to Mexico.

Of course, if you’re interested in predicting the results of the tournament the best way to predict the future is by looking to the past, which is why we love these seven maps created by Live Football Tickets.

The specialist football ticket providers have compiled an array of interesting World Cup trivia into a series of maps, including facts about how many times each country has won the World Cup, the most recent win for each country and how many times each country has appeared in the tournament.

Fifa World Cup history

Brazil have won the most World Cups, taking the trophy a grand total of five times. Their last World Cup win was in 2002, could 2018 be the time they will take their sixth win? Other teams to have won more than once include current champions Germany who have won 4 times and Uruguay and Argentina who have each won twice. Italy have also won 4 times but have not qualified for the 2018 tournament.

The maps also show us the years in which each country hosted the World Cup. It is interesting to see how this correlated with country wins, with Argentina, England, France, Italy and Uruguay all taking the trophy in a year in which they hosted the cup. With this in mind, does this mean 2018 will be Russia’s year? With their 5-0 win in the opening match the host country will certainly be thinking it looks promising so far.

Have a look at the graphic below for more interesting World Cup trivia.

World Cup football maps


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