FIFA versus PES

Fifa versus PES | The big comparison

There is a big debate ongoing for years amongst gamers, which game is better FIFA or PES? In this post we will decide the battle FIFA versus PES once and for all. In this post we will outline a few scenario’s and give you the perfect game for each of those scenario’s.

FIFA versus PES scenario’s

I want to play with real players

This first scenario is for those who want to play with a team in one of the existing leagues. If you don’t want to create your own team, but prefer to play with a team in the Premier League for example, PES is the best option. The players in PES are just a little bit more similar than those in FIFA.

I want to built my own team

When you prefer to built your own team, there is only one option. You have to go FIFA. It’s a battle between MyClub (PES) and FUT (FIFA). But this isn’t a fair battle. It’s a bit like playing with Sunderland against Barcelona. FUT is far more extensive and has so much more to offer than MyClub, that you should go for FIFA in this scenario.

I want to play in the Champions League

This is a scenario when PES is the only serious option. Konami (the creators of PES) has the exclusive rights concerning everything around the Champions League. They can use the Champions League Hymn and all the right logo’s. The same goes for the Europa League rights, so if you want to play European football, you need to go for PES.

I want multiple game modi

If you want to switch your play, you need to go for FIFA. I can imagine you get bored by playing just one type of game all the time. In that case you need to take FIFA. EA Sports always manages to create a very versatile with many playing options.

I want to play with my friends

In this scenario, you’re most likely to chose FIFA. The sales numbers for the previous versions showed that FIFA is sold 40 times more than PES. So the chance that your friends are playing FIFA is much bigger.

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