Fifa 19

FIFA 19 Tops EMEAA Charts

It’s now very clear as daylight that racing games have been stripped off from the summit by the launching of FIFA 19. EA Sport’s most loved game has dominated the charts ever since the day of its release. The playground has become bumpy for games such as Spider-man and Grand Theft Auto V

Spider-man had been dominating the charts on number one spot. But it has experienced a nose dive to occupy the number 2 position. To game lovers, who are actually fair-minded it’s not a surprise why FIFA19 is top of its game.

Even though the EA Sports game has caught the eye of many gamers, it will be very absurd to overlook competition coming from Super Mario Party. The Super Mario Party was released recently but it managed to occupy the third spot which is something very remarkable.

The Top 10 EMEAA Rankings with FIFA 19

Just like real money slots, it has been a very tight race at the top. With FIFA19 coming with well-crafted graphics and new footballing features it’s not a surprise why they are at the summit. However, there are other games that also make the top 10 of the EMEAA ranking which is actually good to pave a way for improvement.

All the famous action games packed with all the rumble that players need have their own fair share on the chart. The likes of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Spider-man and Grand Theft Auto V have all managed to be in the top five.

While the bottom five has been occupied by another EA Sports game NBA 2k19. It’s not a surprise that these sports games are dominating. The graphics and the game features are something that players really crave for.

Moreover, Dragon Ball FighterZ has also made it its way on the list. And if you want some real money games at King-johnnie online casino Australia, well that is a discussion for another day. There are certain games that will never give up the battle no matter how stiff and challenging the battle is. Battle Field 1 topped the bottom ten occupying the number 6 position on the chart.

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