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Fc Barcelona wins La Liga 2017-2018

Everybody saw this coming for months, but yesterday it was finally there. Fc Barcelona wins La Liga 2017-2018 after beating Deportivo La Coruna with 2-4. This is the seventh time Barcelona wins the league in the last ten years. This is an extraordinary accomplishment with teams like Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid fighting for this title.

Fc Barcelona wins La Liga

The Catalonian giants aren’t as spectacular as they were in the last few seasons. New manager Valverde prefers some kind of stability above attractive and attacking football. This brings them a so far undefeated season, which is of course a very good performance. Personally I like to see a more attacking style from Barcelona. But that doesn’t take anything away that it’s very impressive to go for an entire season undefeated. They do need to make sure they don’t lose El Clasico on Sunday to maintain their unbeaten run in La Liga.

Deportivo La Coruna

Clarence Seedorf’s team had a good run in the last four matches. This match against Barcelona was the nail in their coffin. Deportivo la Coruna can’t get out of the relegatione zone anymore, so they will play in the Segunda Division.

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