European transfer windows

European transfer windows closure dates

The World Cup final is almost two weeks old and France is still celebrating this amazing achievement, but at the same time the normal football live is starting again. Some leagues already started, while others are in preparation for the big start. The transfer window is open at the moment and several teams are busy getting their squad ready for a new season. Some things changed recently, which makes a lot people wandering. We get a lot of question by people about the closure dates for the European transfer windows.

When do the big European transfer windows close?

English Premier League – Thursday August 9

The English FA Decided to change their transfer window rules. They close the transfer window two days before the start of the Premier League. This means the window closes on the 9th of August. For me this is the example all the other leagues should follow. The transfer window should be shut down as soon as competition football has started.

Italian Serie A – Saturday August 18

The Italian Serie A follows the Premier Leagues example and closes the transfer window before the start of the new season. The transfer window in Italian closes on the 18th of August, precisely 24 hours before the start of the competition.

Spanish La Liga – Friday August 31

In Spain they decided to change nothing at all. They close the transfer window at the end of August, just like the previous years. Which means they got three weeks longer the chance to buy new players compared to the Premier League.

French Ligue 1 – Friday August 31

In France they hold on to the same date as the Spanish La Liga. Just like in Spain they shut down the Ligue 1 transfer window on the 31st of August.

German Bundesliga – Friday August 31

The German teams all have time until the window slams shut on 31 August 2018. Which means three of the big European football leagues hold on to their fixed date, while two leagues changed the date. I think it would be best when all the leagues shut down the transfer window before the start of their league.

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