European Media happy with Haller goal

European media hail Haller goal

Due on February 4, World Cancer Day, Sébastien Haller scores his first league goal for Borussia Dortmund. European media pay close attention to this wonderful moment. Haller scored the third Dortmund goal with his head against FSV Mainz 05 (5-1) on Saturday afternoon. Even opponents must have felt that this was a special moment in the World of football. It was his third official game for the striker since he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in July last year. ‘Haller’s goosebumps goal on World Cancer Day’, BILD headlines. What a day to score your first BVB goal. Now he can party!’

F*ck cancer shoe

For the hard core of Dortmund, Haller cheers exuberantly with his teammates. “He points to his shoe, which says F*ck Cancer. After sixty minutes he went aside to loud applause.’ Haller’s goal is also a topic of conversation in England. “An emotional goal from Haller for Dortmund,” writes The Independent. “He scored just two weeks after returning from a six-month battle with testicular cancer.”

European Media on Haller goal

‘Biggest revenge of his life’. In Spain, Marca dedicates an entire article to Haller’s goal. ‘His most emotional goal’, headlines the medium. A bow to the striker who scored his first goal for Dortmund. It had to be that Haller is the main player at Dortmund on World Cancer Day.’ ‘A return that deserves all the applause in the world’, writes the French Le Parisien. “Ten days ago he celebrated his first assist, this time the Ivorian striker did what he does best: score.” The Italian Repubblica speaks of ‘a sign of fate’. The footballer never gave up. He fought and scored again today. The unleashed Haller sprinted towards the cameras after his goal with a beautiful smile, before being overwhelmed with hugs from teammates. The biggest revenge of his life.’

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