European football leagues return

European football Covid-19 update 2.0

We’ve all enjoying watching some football again in Europe. The German Bundesliga is well underway and things are going very good in Germany. This weekend is already the fourth round since the return and things still go very smoothly. Several other European football leagues followed the example of Germany. The league show their creativity in order to enhance the atmosphere during the matches.

European football leagues being creative

We’ve seen Bundesliga matched with added stadium noises. In Czech Republic they made a drive-in, where fans could watch the match from their car. A club in Denmark they even added screens on the side of the pitch with fans watching via Zoom. In this post we give an update on the big European leagues.

English Premier League

The English Premier League announced the return of their league on the 17th of June. This is something I’m personally very excited about. I’m a big fan of the Premier League and also can’t wait for Fantasy Premier League to return. The return will start with Man City – Arsenal and Sheffield United – Aston Villa on Wednesday. The next weekend will be the first weekend with a complete fixture list.

Italian Serie A

Italy was the first European country where Covid-19 striked. Now things are calmed down, the Serie A is looking to come back. They will be back on the pitch on the 20th of June. This is the same weekend when the Premier League has their first complete round.

Spanish La Liga

The Spanish La Liga will return the earliest from the remainder of the European leagues. They are planning to return on the 11th of June with the Seville derby. The plan is to play matches every day for 32 consecutive days. This means a whole lot of football from the 11th of June.

I think I’m not the only one who’s very exciting about these plans of the big European football leagues. I love to watch some German football, but for me nothing can beat watching English football and Barcelona.

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