Manchester City Erling Haaland goals predictor

Erling Haaland goals predictor

This Erling Haaland goals predictor is our way to keep you up to date on his progress in the English Premier League. For years we know how special of a talent Erling Haaland is. From the time he moved from Molde to RB Salzburg, he’s been banging in goals left right and center. Two years ago we already wrote an article about players for the future. Haaland was one of the stars in this article. During his years at Salzburg and Dortmund doubters kept saying he needed to show it at the highest level. They wanted to see him doing the same thing in the Premier League.

Haaland Premier League topscorer

After playing 13 matches, Erling Haaland is already topscorer in the Premier League with 18 goals. Some unbelievable numbers for a first season. Especially after considering that 34 goals is the record in 1 Premier League season. Top striker Andy Cole and Alan Shearer both manager to score 34 goals in 1(42 games) season. Mohamed Salah is the topscorer in a 38 games season with 32 goals. With the numbers Haaland is showing now, we want to look ahead of what is possible this season. We’ve created this graph with the Erling Haaland goal predictor. We take his current average and extend that to a 38 games season.

What is possible?

If we look at the graph, we see in this rate Haaland needs only 26 games to reach the number of 34 goals. If he plays a full season in this rate he would get the extreme number of 50 goals. It’s very unlikely he’s going to reach the 50 goals. This graph doesn’t take in account that players get injured and suspended. What the graph does show is that he’s showing unbelievable numbers this early in his Premier League career. Considering he’s only 22 and will get even better, it shows Haaland can become one of the greatest strikers ever in the Premier League.

Erling Haaland goals predictor

Hereby the chart of the predicted number of goals. We keep this chart up to date after every Man City match. If you’ve got some free bets, it’s not the smartest move to put it on Haaland to score at least one, since the odds aren’t interesting. Go for 2 of more and you will see the value!

Update 22 January

After two blanks against Chelsea and United, Haaland scored one against Tottenham Hotspur during a midweek game. In the weekend he bagged his fourth hat-trick of the season against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Thanks to this hat-trick he’s still scoring 1.3 goals on average per game he plays. He’s now on a total of 25 goals and is on the road for 48 goals at the end of the season.

Update 17 February

After his hat-trick against Wolves, Haaland blanked for two games in a row. In the 1-0 defeat against Tottenham Hotspur and in the match against Aston Villa at the weekend. He got subbed off at half-time due to a minor injury. After this substitution he was completely fit and ready to go again on Wednesday against Arsenal. With a leading role and 1 goal he was important in a very important match for the Wolves. After these three matches, he’s now on course to finish on 44 goals at the end of the season.

Update 16 April

After two consecutive braces, Erling Haaland is now on 32 goals after 30 matches. He’s now only 2 goals off from the record of Andy Cole and Alan Shearer. With 8 more games to play, the question isn’t if he’s going to break the record, but by how much.

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