Emiliano Martínez

Emiliano Martínez explains controversial behavior after the World Cup final: ‘It made me laugh’

Emiliano Martínez impressed last year with his saves at the World Cup, but the Argentina goalkeeper is mainly remembered for his strange behavior after winning the world title. Loads of free bets were wasted because of his quality goalkeeping. He tells his side of the story in an interview with France Football. Immediately after the final, Martínez was named the best goalkeeper of the World Cup. He then held the trophy he received for this on stage in front of his genitals. “I had already done that at the Copa América and my teammates said I wouldn’t do it again,” says the Aston Villa goalkeeper. “I did it for them. It only took a second, more was not it.” In the dressing room, Martínez then asked for “a minute of silence for the deceased Kylian Mbappé”. “Those images should never have come out,” says the Argentinian. “In 2018 we lost to France and then we all heard songs about Messi in the dressing room. And if a team beats Brazil, they will sing about Neymar. was nothing personal, but just because he is the star. I have a lot of respect for him.”

Emiliano Martínez with Mbappe doll

Subsequently, there was a lot of commotion after an action by the goalkeeper during the homage in Argentina. During a tour, he held a doll with Mbappé’s face in front of his genitals. “Many dolls were thrown at us, maybe a hundred. A doll with the face of Mbappé fell at my feet, I picked it up because it made me laugh. I grabbed it for two seconds and threw it back, that’s all.” “How could I make fun of Mbappé? He scored four times in the World Cup final! He must think I’m his doll! Again, I have huge respect for Mbappé. And I will even tell you one thing: he is the best French player I have ever seen.” According to Martínez, he spoke to Mbappé after the World Cup final: ,,I told him to be proud of himself and to keep his head up, because he played a great game and is one of the best players in the world. I also told him that it was a pleasure to play against him, that he almost single-handedly won the final. He is a boy with enormous talent. If Leo (Messi, ed.) stops, Mbappé will win a lot of Golden Balls.”

Dance after the last penalty kick

Martínez also commented on the dance he performed after the last penalty kick. “I had never done that in my life. It’s because of the adrenaline. I didn’t plan anything, it just happened. Some may think, “What a clown.” And maybe they’re right. My colleagues say I’m sick in the head because I do this kind of thing in moments of extreme tension. I play without fear, I don’t care. I don’t think I’m particularly arrogant or humble, but it’s my way of dealing with pressure, calming down and feeling safe.”

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