Tadic is a difficult, but golden guy says Koeman

Erwin Koeman expresses his admiration for Dusan Tadic, with whom he worked at Southampton for two years. According to Ronald Koeman’s brother, the captain of Ajax is ‘difficult, but a golden guy’. “He was a great guy. He’s hard on himself. He demands everything from himself, but also from his fellow players,” said Koeman in the Soccer International talk show. It’s a jeux de casino en ligne that describes his character. “He always did extra training. Before the training he sat down with his phone call, then he got exercises from his own physiotherapist from Serbia. He always did. And after the training he stayed on the field, then he often gave crosses. and finish with a few other guys. ”

Tadic top professional

“They thought that was great”, continues Koeman. “He is a top professional. At that moment I was surprised that he went to Ajax. I already said that he is perhaps the best purchase they could ever make. I did not expect him to leave. I had expected that if he left Southampton it would be to another Premier League club. So he didn’t.

“He’s just a golden guy. Difficult for himself, but occasionally also for others. You have to have that, I think”, Koeman concludes. According to new zealand online casino this is the type of player that can make a difference. It’s an interesting take from the former Southampton assistant and brother of the Barcelona manager. It’s something you hear a lot about top class players. Most of them seem to be difficult guys. The most important thing is that you show it on the pitch when you’re a difficult player. Other players and the manager only accept it when you’re performing. It’s a thin line for these players. When you don’t perform you can become an irritating factor in the dressing room. Dusan Tadic is on of those players who has shown it on the pitch in Amsterdam and for the national team.

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