Drive to survive

Drive to Survive season 5 preview

Max Verstappen boycotted Netflix for a while because of the unfair image the company painted in his eyes. But in season 5 of Formula 1: Drive to Survive, Max Verstappen plays a leading role again. Although his second world title is somewhat overshadowed by ‘budget capgate’.

Drive to survive

The quick overview of highlights and the superlatives that go with them shows the supremacy of Max Verstappen in the Formula 1 season of 2022. Episode 9 of the fifth season of the Netflix series Formula 1: Drive to Survive starts with the 25th anniversary of the world champion, which he celebrates at the Singapore Grand Prix. After Red Bull team boss Christian Horner indicated that the Dutchman can ‘walk on water’, a few of his best moments pass by. The victories in Imola, Budapest, Spa, Zandvoort, Monza.

Quotes from Verstappen

And the great thing for the viewer is that the images are supported by quotes from the Dutchman himself. The world champion gives personal commentary on what he does as you watch him drive to the title in a soaking wet Suzuka. With texts that we now know from him. “When I’m in the car, I never give up,” he says. “If you want to become world champion, you have to adapt to the circumstances. Be aggressive when you need to be aggressive, spotless when you need to stay spotless.”


For a long time, Netflix has not had the opportunity to mount Verstappen’s characteristic statements under the images of the races. The Dutchman did not agree with the way the streaming service portrayed the sport. Too often, controversy was sought too forcefully, in his opinion. Conflicts were created that he thought did not exist. It was the reason why he is not heard in all of season 4, which is about the year in which Verstappen won his first world title. So a year later he returned to it. He explained it during the Red Bull Car Launch, earlier this month in New York. “I spoke to Netflix before giving them an interview,” he said. ,,I actually had to participate, because I was the world champion. I gave them half an hour, maybe an hour. I hope they use it well. I know the series is important to the sport and I hope they have done something with my statement about the way they have portrayed our sport so far.”

Season Five

The question is how Verstappen feels about that after seeing the new season. Because episode 9, in which the grands prix of Singapore, Japan and the United States are discussed, is a little bit about the Dutchman’s second world title, but mainly about the fact that his team Red Bull has exceeded the budget cap in 2021. Netflix shows how some team bosses of the opponents of Verstappen’s team lash out at Red Bull. The terms “cheating” and “fraud” come up regularly in an episode called Over The Limit. It could easily be seen as an attempt to detract from at least Verstappen’s first world title in 2021, something Horner in particular has been vehemently opposed for months. But if you look through the theme of episode 9, you will certainly hear the superlatives for Verstappen. From supporters and opponents. “He is probably the best driver of 2022,” says Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, while images are shown of a Verstappen driving unthreatened from victory to victory.

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