Donny van de Beek

Donny van de Beek on radar of Manchester United

Ajax starlet Donny van de Beek is destined to go to Spain for almost a year now. Ever since Ajax excelled in the Champions League last season, Van de Beek is on the radar of Real Madrid. Many Dutch news outlets were convinced the Madrid deal was almost done. A medical is the only thing that could kill this deal, well that was before Covid-19. The outbreak of the virus put this transfer on a hold and Manchester United wants to make use of this situation.

What’s the situation around Donny van de Beek?

Many people are struggling with their finances at this moment. That’s why Real Madrid feels it’s not the right time to pay 50 million Euros for a football player. Real Madrid wants to wait with this transfer until the television revenues are paid. Manchester United, who’ve got back on the pitch today, is one of the richest teams in the World of football and they want to make use of the current situation. They have the money to hijack the deal and get the Ajax youngster to the Premier League. If they can act quickly, they will surely surpass Real Madrid as the favourites to sign Van de Beek.

Which team suits him more?

As an Ajax fan, this is an easy question for me. Donny is hardworking midfielder, which likes to get into the opponents’ box. He can score goals and gives a bunch of assists. He’s involved in 50 goals over the last two seasons. He’s a very good player who will get even better in the next couple of years, but he isn’t a Galatico. I wholeheartedly believe Van de Beek isn’t a Real Madrid player. The fans of Manchester United will absolutely adore this type of player. Personally I would love to keep him at Ajax, but if that’s not possible I want him to go to the Premier League. He will fit in perfectly in England. The only major question I’ve got is how a midfield with Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes and Donny van de Beek will work.

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