Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy escaped Dutch town in trunk of a car

On the 13th May of 2014, Daniel Levy sacked Tim Sherwood as manager of Tottenham Hotspur. In his search for a replacement, Levy ended up in Noordwijk, a little Dutch town located at the North Sea. This town is where Louis van Gaal lives. Levy came to the Netherlands in an attempt to convince Louis van Gaal to join Tottenham Hotspur at the start of the 2014-2015 season. Around that time loads of rumours about a possible Louis van Gaal move to Spurs were flowing around, but it was never confirmed until now.

Daniel Levy in Noordwijk

Louis van Gaal talked to Yves Gijrath in the Dutch podcast 1-2tje met Yves. In this podcast he confirmed he welcomed Daniel Levy at his Villa in Noordwijk to discuss a possible Tottenham Hotspur move. This isn’t a big shock for people who follow football, but the next detail is a shock. Dutch journalist Jack van Gelder was outside of the villa waiting to get a glimp of Daniel Levy. Since both Levy and Van Gaal wanted to keep things quiet, they had to find a way to get Levy out of the villa without being caught by Van Gelder. Their solution was strange but effective: Levy left Noordwijk in the trunk of the car. In the end, Van Gaal decided to opt for Man United over Tottenham. He said:”Daniel Levy was taking too much time and left space for Man United to make me an offer.”

Ed Woodward evil genius at United

Van Gaal’s stay at Man United wasn’t a big success. Jose Mourinho was contacted way before Louis van Gaal got sacked. About his time at Old Trafford the Dutchman said:”I blame Ed Woodward much more than I blame Jose Mourinho. Woodward is the evil genius at Manchester United in my eyes. Winning the FA Cup with that Man United team is the biggest achievement of my entire career.” It’s kinda funny that the man who succeeded van Gaal at United is the current Tottenham Hotspur manager.

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