Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo trying to improve even more

Cristiano Ronaldo is in a battle with Messi to be called the best player of the World for over a decade. Both players are amazing football players. Where things look natural by Messi, it’s clear that Cristiano Ronaldo has become this good by practicing and working out a lot. Even today, at the age of 35 he’s still looking for ways to become an even better football player.

Cristiano Ronaldo always improving

Several media are talking about a new trick that Cristiano Ronaldo is using to improve himself. Tuttosport, Footy Headlines and Mediaset are three media outlets that claim CR7 is using a new type of studs. The studs are made by the French brand SMARTPOWER, which most recently introduced a new type of studs. These studs are also called rugby studs. The studs should improve the speed and stability of a player. At the same time they give the player more comfort. Every stud can changed, based on the wishes of a single player. This way the studs should give an optimal result for every football player.


Cristiano Ronaldo read about the SMARTPOWER studs and decided to give it a try. Montpellier striker Andy Delort uses the studs since February and it works for him. Delort is even the fastest player in the French Ligue 1, with a speed of 36.8 Kilometres per hour. Cristiano Ronaldo is using the studs ever since training at Juventus returned. He looks fitter then before and is completely ready to finish this season in style. It’s going to be very interesting to see how things work out for CR7 with the new studs. One thing is sure: If it goes well for him, the SMARTPOWER studs will sell all over the world in no-time. Let’s keep an eye on him to see if he’s really improving even more.





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