Cristiano Ronaldo can secure signature until 2030

Cristiano Ronaldo will soon sign a seven-year deal with Al-Nassr and the country of Saudi Arabia, the Spanish Marca reports. The 37-year-old superstar will then continue as a footballer for Al-Nassr for more than two years, before becoming an ambassador for the country’s World Cup bid. Saudi Arabia hopes to host the World Cup in 2030 in collaboration with Egypt and Greece.

Ronaldo to Al-Nassr?

That Ronaldo as a player of Al-Nassr can be a major draw for Saudi Arabia’s World Cup bid has already been extensively covered in the global media. However, Marca now reports that the country itself actually wants to bind Ronaldo after his contract with Al-Nassr, which would guarantee him a lucrative position in football until 2030. As a player, Ronaldo would already earn about two hundred million euros a year at the Saudi top club. It is not yet known what he would earn as an ambassador after that.

Looking for a new job

Ronaldo is still looking for a new employer on a free transfer since his departure from Manchester United during the last World Cup. The goalkeeper is currently training at the Real Madrid complex to keep his condition up. In Portugal, it is still expected that Ronaldo will remain active in Europe. The right leg would still like to act at the top level, according to A Bola, among others. In addition, the 196-time international wants to remain active for the Selecao das Quinas, in order to reach the two hundred international matches.

Update incoming

The main character himself gave another clear update on his future during the World Cup when he was asked about the rumors of a deal with Al-Nassr. “No, that’s not true,” Ronaldo told journalist Pedro Sepúlveda of the Portuguese news channel SIC Notícias. Whether Marca’s reporting is correct this time will become clear in the coming month. With 1/5 odds for Cristiano joining any Saudi Arabian team, it isn’t the best way to spent your free bets on him at the moment.

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