Coronabastard Hudson-Odoi

Coronabastards top 5 Premier League footballers

The Coronavirus is keeping the whole world kidnapped. The majority of the countries worldwide had their people on a lockdown for months. A lockdown means people need to stay at home for as much as possible. Don’t go out if you don’t need to. The spread of the virus will tone down if people stay at home as much as possible. In the recent weeks a bunch of Premier League players ignored the lockdown and set a terrible example. In this article I give my personal Premier League Coronabastards top 5.

Coronabastards top 5

5. Alexandre Lacazette

The Frenchman had been caught in the media twice during this lockdown period. In the first incident he was caught ignoring the social distancing rules when someone came to clean his car. In the second incident he’s pictured inhaling nitrous oxide from a balloon. This is the second time he’s pictured using balloons and it’s not looking good on him. That’s why he’s in fifth place of this top 5.

4. Kyle Walker

Manchester City’s right fullback is caught twice during this lockdown. The first incident was one where he ordered two hookers who came by his house. In the second incident he was caught dropping by his sister and parents. In a statement on Twitter he gave his view on this matter.

3. Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish is third in my list Coronabastards top 5. The Aston Villa midfielder told people to stay at home. The next day he crashed his car early in the morning after drinking with his mates. He was well aware of the danger of going out and therefore it’s stupid he still decided to go out drinking and driving. This puts him in third place on this list.

2. Anonymous player

Several media outlets talked about a Premier League football player who left England to host a sex party in France. He broke the lockdown rules of both England and France for his own satisfaction. He hosted a sex party with 15 people in a restaurant situated near the Champs  Elysées.

1. Callum Hudson-Odoi

Chelsea’s youngster is being arrested on the suspicion of rape. He invited a glamour model at his home, but something went wrong during the night. A woman feeling unwell called the police. She claims Callum Hudson-Odoi raped her during her stay at his place. If this proves to be right, he is by far the biggest Coronabastard on this entire list.

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