Chelsea versus Man United

Chelsea versus Man United 1-0 | FA Cup final

I got to make a confession to you guys. I’m a big fan of the Premier League and English football in general. But I wasn’t looking forward to this year’s FA Cup final. Even though it was a final between two of the top 6 teams, I was probably the most boring FA Cup final in advance. When you’ve watched these teams a lot this season, you’d probably felt the same before this match. Man United and Chelsea hardly ever managed to give a entertaining performance in this match. I opted for a final between Manchester City and Liverpool, which would have guaranteed entertainment and goals. But the FA Cup final 2018 was Chelsea versus Man United.

Chelsea versus Man United 1-0

This match started like I expected it would start. It just wasn’t an entertaining start of this 2018 FA Cup final. It was a boring first half, that only got some excitement when Phil Jones made a stupid tackle in his own penalty box. His arm brought down Eden Hazard, which ultimately led to a penalty for The Blues. Eden Hazard took his responsibilities and scored from the penalty spot.

This penalty decided Chelsea versus Man United in the favour of Antonio Conte and his team. It was a boring final and the fact that a penalty decided this match says it all.

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