Hakim Ziyech transfer

Chelsea announces Hakim Ziyech transfer

Recently I wrote an article on why Hakim Ziyech refused to go to Sevilla in the past summer. Now, a couple of weeks later, Chelsea announced the Hakim Ziyech transfer. The Moroccan international will leave Ajax in the summer in order to play for Chelsea.

Hakim Ziyech transfer

The reaction on this news were very mixed. Most of the Chelsea fans are very happy with his arrival, but I also noticed a lot of negative reactions. In this article I will discuss the two most mentioned negation reaction and tell why I think these points aren’t valid.

He only does it in the Dutch League

This one makes me the most angry. Hakim Ziyech was one of the key players in Ajax’ Champions League campaign last season. The Champions League campaign in which Ajax missed the Champions League final on 5 seconds. Ajax played that season against the likes of Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspur, Juventus, Real Madrid and others. Ziyech stepped up against all of these teams. Yes I agree the Dutch league isn’t comparable with the Premier League. But as Ajax fan I can tell you, Ziyech played on 50% most of his Eredivisie matches. As soon as he played in the Champions League, he upped his level and was phenomenal most of the time. I’m convinced he will do the same in the Premier League.

He’s 26, if he was any good he would have played in a bigger league for years

Anytime someone says this, I’ve got my doubts if he knows anything about Ziyech. Hakim Ziyech is a very smart player on the pitch, but also off the pitch. He could have moved to bigger leagues when he left Fc Twente. When Ajax called him, he knew this was the perfect step for him. Hakim felt he needed to make a step to the top of the Dutch league, before being ready to move to a bigger league. Now, when he’s a Eredivisie champion and played in the Champions League for two seasons, he knows he can make in elsewhere. Too many players leave the Eredivisie at a young age and 90% of them fails to make any sort of impression. We all remember Vincent Janssen, he moved to Spurs after 1 good season at AZ Alkmaar, now he plays in Mexico. Ziyech has developed amazingly in the Eredivisie and I’m convinced this is the right time for him to make the move. Nevertheless I’m very sad that he’s leaving my club.

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