Champions League referees

Champions League referees lack feeling for the game

We’ve seen four Champions League matches and I feel a little bit frustrated right now. The Champions League referees absolutely don’t feel the game in my opinion. In this post I will try to explain why I feel frustrated about the refs.

Champions League referees

It started with the match between Manchester City and Liverpool at Anfield. The assistant referee waved his flag for offside, when Sane assisted Gabriel Jesus for the 3-1. The 3-0 score remained on the scoreboard which is of course a big difference for Man City. In the second match Sane scored the 2-0 for Man City in the first half, but again a mistake by the ref declined this goal.

How different would it be if the first match ended in a 3-1 victory for Liverpool and Man City was 2-0 up by half-time in the second half? With this in mind you can expect Man City players and staff feel frustrated and Pep was fuming at the ref. The ref decided to sent Pep away with a red card. I can imagine it’s unpleasant if a coach is shouting at you, but come on feel the game and let him go.

Second frustration

Things became even worse in tonights match between Real Madrid and Juventus. Juventus played an amazing game and turned a 0-3 defeat from the first match around. The Old Lady scored three goals in 90 minutes and was heading towards extra time. Referee Michael Oliver decided the match by giving a penalty to Real Madrid in the dying minutes of this match. I’m not sure if it was one or not and I’m convinced he wouldn’t give it if it happened at the other side of the pitch, but that’s not what I’m frustrated about.

A referee needs to know what he’s doing. When you give a penalty in the last minute of a Champions League quarter final, which will be decisive for the final result, you need to understand the emotions of players. Oliver clearly lacked understanding and gave Buffon the red card. So he didn’t only gave a penalty, but he sends off the goalkeeper that needs to defend this penalty. In my opinion you don’t have any feeling for the game.

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