Formula 1 2023 betting odds

Best Formula 1 2023 betting odds

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Best Formula 1 2023 betting odds

The Formula 1 is the dream of many people. First dream is to drive a Formula 1 car, the ones who aren’t able to make it shift their dreams to follow the sport and to watch a F1 race live on track. This December month isn’t the best one for many F1 die-hards. Especially if you compare it to how it was December 2021.

December 2021 versus 2022 in F1

In December 2021 started with Max Verstappen being on a 7-point lead over Lewis Hamilton. This lead disappeared during the first race in December in Saudi Arabia. Hamilton won that race which brought both drivers on the same number of points with just one race to go. In Abu Dhabi Max Verstappen won after a controversial decision in the final lap. This year the tournament already finished at the end of November. So F1 fans need to wait all the way till March to see their drivers back in action.

Formula 1 2023 betting odds

Now the end of 2022 is coming, we’re looking ahead at a new exciting season of racing. That’s why we would like to share the best Formula 1 2023 betting odds with you guys. In this post we selected three interesting bets for this season.

Drivers Championship odds

The biggest price in Formula 1 is the drivers championship. The last two editions are won by Max Verstappen. The last won with a 146 points lead over Charles Leclerc. It’s no surprise Verstappen leads the odds to win the driver championship 2023. Currently the best odds for him to win are evens. Lewis Hamilton is his biggest rivals according to the bookies, with odds around 3/1. Charles Leclerc comes in third with 5/1. For us Max Verstappen’s lead at the end of 2022 shows his strong he and Red Bull are right now. He is our favourite to win the 2023 season.

Constructors Championship

With the big gap for Max Verstappen during the 2022 season, it’s no surprise Red Bull won the constructors championship as well. Just like Max, their best odds to win the 2023 constructors champions are evens. The difference with Mercedes is much closer than the difference in the drivers championship. Mercedes best odds to win are currently at 7/5. Ferrari seems to missed out on their chance to set some silverware anytime soon. They are back in third place according to the bookies, with 13/2 the best odds for punters.

Special F1 bet

We’re a big fan of the regular odds, but also like some special odds here and there. This special F1 bet is one we love to follow. There is a possibility to bet on any English driver to win the British Grand Prix. With Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Lando Norris there are three very good English drivers on the grid. Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc and Checo Perez are most likely the best competitors in this race. Can any of the three English guys beat them? If you’ve got a free bet available, we would suggest to bet against an English driver to win the British GP.

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