Best football documentaries on Netflix

Best football documentaries on Netflix💻

I’ve always been a collector of blu-ray movies and series, so I never really felt the urge to start using Netflix. Until a month or so ago when I heard about a documentary that was on there. I knew my parents already had an paid subscription with an account for me, so I asked them for the log-in details. It probably wasn’t the best move I made, because I’ve been binge watching ever since. There is some very good and interesting football related content on there. So I decided to write this post about the best football documentaries on Netflix.

Best football documentaries on Netflix

First team: Juventus

This was my first football documentary I’ve watched on Netflix and it’s amazing. This documentary gives us an insight on what’s happening inside such a big club as Juventus. It’s about this current season, which makes it even more interesting, because I’m following the Serie A and Champions League, so I know exactly what happens on the pitch. It’s so interesting to see what happens offside the pitch at the same time. Everybody remembers the late drama in the Champions League quarter final against Real Madrid. I know the first thing on my mind at that moment was: I can’t wait for the next episode of First Team: Juventus.

Premier League legends

This is a documentary with multiple episodes about some of the greatest player ever played in the Premier League. I’m a big fan of the Premier League and delighted to see the stories of some of those players. There are episodes about: David Ginola, Jamie Carragher, Thierry Henry, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Juninho, Teddy Sheringham, Andrew Cole, Paul Ince, Paola Di Canio and David Seaman. So there is really something in there for everyone.

Planet FIFA

This isn’t about specific players or teams, but it’s about the world football organisation FIFA. In Planet FIFA we get a full background into the world of this organisation. It shows the FIFA is a corrupt company that gives World Cups to the highest bidder. We see almost everyone has a price within this organisation. I can only recommend everyone to check this documentary, it will chance your view on the FIFA forever.

This is my list with the best football documentaries on Netflix. Now I will lock myself to start watching football movies and give you and insight on this in the near future.

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