Best football channels on Youtube

Best football channels on Youtube

Youtube is one of the biggest channel on the internet nowadays. Many people use it to express their opinion on things that happened in the football world and to create a lot of interesting content. I can bingewatch football related content on Youtube for hours, so I decided to write this post about the best football channels on Youtube.

Best football channels on Youtube

I’ve selected three big channels that I always enjoy watching. These three channels are in no particular order.


FIFA and chill by Poet and Vuj is one of my favourites things to watch on Youtube. Either Poet or Vuj plays FIFA against a football star and at the same time they’re interviewing their guest. There is always a laidback atmosphere, which makes it very interesting too watch. Copa90 has a lot of other interesting topics, so I would recommend everyone to take a look at this channel.

90min Football

This channel is pretty similar to Copa90, but the focus is a bit more on the Premier League. They have regular discussions on the Premier League with fans from several teams, but the best part on this channel is the fan voices. They try to have one fan of each team filming himself and his reactions during the match. All these fan voices are recorded during the match in the stadium. It’s so fun to see how people react during events happening in the match.


The name says it all, ArsenalFanTV is a channel by and for Arsenal fans. If I’m not mistaking, this was the first fan channel on Youtube and for me it’s the best one. Robbie Lyle, the owner and creator of ArsenalFanTV ask fans about their opinions after every single Arsenal game. Some of the regulars managed to create their own successful Youtube channel, which are also a joy to watch. These are the most passionate regulars with their own Youtube account.

It’s worth your time to follow these guys! Back to ArsenalFanTv. It’s not just fan interviews, but there is a daily show about transfers and some other weekly shows. I always look forward to all their videos, but the ones where Claude and Ty answer questions are my favourites. Two opposites, Claude is always critical on the club, while Ty always defends Arsenal, but you can see they are mates and respect each other. You really should watch one of their videos.

What is your favourite Football channel on Youtube? Let us know in the comments.

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