2018-2019 FPL season

The best Fantasy Premier League tips

Are you a regular player of the Fantasy Premier League, or do you want to start playing it. This post gives you the best tips for the best Fantasy Premier League experience. We’re not going to tell you that you will win this game after reading this post, but you will get the best out of yourself and your team! Find the best Fantasy Premier League tips below.

The 3 Best Fantasy Premier League tips

#1 Trust your own judgement

This game is fun because you can talk about it a lot. I’m in a league with my colleagues and every Monday we’re using the entire lunch to discus the past weekend. On Friday we talking about the upcoming matches and what we’re planning to do. But I learned one thing, always trust your own judgement. People can give you tips about which players you should buy or sell, but you will regret it even more when these tips don’t go well.

I remember the time Mohamed Salah scored four goals, one of my colleagues told me everybody was going to select him as the captain, so I could make the difference by selecting another player. This made me thinking, but in the end I decided to keep Salah as the captain. He scored four times and I was happy. My league would have been ruined if I listened to my colleague, so always trust your own judgement. It’s better to regret that your own plan went wrong, than to regret listening to somebody else.

#2 Don’t rush anything

The best example for this tip is something my colleague did. He was to impatient in the beginning of this season. So he used his free hit in round 5 to decrease his gap to the top of our league. In the second half of every season there are some FA Cup obligations interfering Premier League football. These obligations break up some weeks. So there are some weeks with only a few matches and other with more matches. This current week has for example 14 matches instead of the regular 10. Weeks like this are the perfect opportunity to use free hits, Bench Boost and Triple Captains.

#3 Be on time

It sounds so easy, but people still forget to make their chances on time. The deadline for every round of play is one hour before the first kick-off of the weekend. I recommend to make your changes at least two hours before the deadline. This way you have the time to do some investigations on your team. Is there any latest news on your injured players? When you start on time you have all time to make your changes. When you start too late you might be unable to save everything in time before the deadline.

At the beginning of the new season I will write a post with scouting tips about players to select for your new team. Leave your own best Fantasy Premier League tips in the comments below.

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