Bayern Munich wins

Bayern Munich wins six consecutive titles

Everybody knew basically from the start of this season, which team was going to win the Bundesliga. German giants Bayern Munich have by far the best player materials in Germany. There financial budget gives them the power to buy players from there close rivals. This way they always manage to strengthen their squad, the same time they weaken their competitors. So it’s isn’t a big surprise that Bayern Munich wins sixth consecutive titles, but the way they did it was quite impressive

Bayern Munich wins six consecutive titles after beating Augsburg

There isn’t a better way of winning the league by beating your rivals. Everybody at the Allianz Arena was up for the title match with Borussia Dortmund as an opponent. After five minutes everybody could stand up his feet to cheer for the first time. Polish top striker Robert Lewandowski scored the first goal of the match against his former team.

This goal was the first of many to follow. James Rodriguez scored the second goal of the match in the fourteenth minute and was followed by Thomas Muller, Robert Lewandowski for his second and Frank Ribery in the remainder of the first half. The score at half-time is 5-0 in Bayern Munich’s favour. The second half was a lot less interesting until Lewandowski scored the 6th and final goal of this match.
With a clear 6-0 victory, Bayern Munich deserves their sixth consecutive title. Now they will focus on adding another title to their trophy cabinet. They will play the Champions League quarter final against Sevilla in an attempt to reach the semi-finals of this big European tournament. Are they able to win the Champions League, or will they loose focus after winning the domestic league this early?

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