Bayern Munich versus Real Madrid

Bayern Munich versus Real Madrid 1-2 | CL Semi-final

The second Champions League semi-final is the match German champions Bayern Munich and Spanish title holders Real Madrid. Both teams faced each other in last season’s quarter final, this time it’s one round closer to the final. It was up to Bayern Munich to stop Real Madrid from winning their third consecutive Champions League. This is our match report for Bayern Munich versus Real Madrid.

Bayern Munich versus Real Madrid match report

Thing went wrong for Bayern Munich from the start of this match. An injury led to an early substitution, Arjen Robben left the pitch early for Thiago Alcanthara. The possession went back and forwards between both teams in the first part of this match. When Joshua Kimmich got through on the right side he surprised Keylor Navas by shooting on the goal instead of crossing the ball. This was the first goal of the match and gave Bayern Munich some confidence. Unfortunately for the Germans they got their second setback when Jerome Boateng got injured. He left the pitch in the 34th minute and only a few minutes later Marcelo scored the equaliser.

Bayern Munich went back to the dressing room with a lot of setbacks. The second half went quite like you can expect from these two nowadays. Bayern Munich dominated possession, but it was Real Madrid who scored. Marcos Asensio was the one to score the 1-2 for the Spanish giants. Now it was really up to Bayern Munich to do something back, before the first match ended. They tried and tried but couldn’t find the net anymore.

Real Madrid heads back to Madrid with a very good result for them. They need to defend a 2-1 score at home. This is exactly the same result as in last season’s quarter final. Bayern Munich managed to force extra time back then, so let’s home they can do this again.

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