Barcelona Fc player Boateng

Barcelona Fc is losing its identity

The past weekend was one without Premier League football. The English football weekend was all about the FA Cup. The majority of the Premier League teams is already eliminated out of the FA Cup, which meant I’ve had the time to focus on the other leagues this weekend. This made me watch some Bundesliga matches and I’ve took the time to watch Barcelona Fc at home against Real Vallodolid. This match showed to me why I don’t watch them to often anymore lately.

Barcelona Fc in decline

I remember the times where I cleared my entire schedule for a match of Barcelona Fc. I don’t do that anymore and I wanted to see if that’s a mistake. From the moment their official twitter account announced the line-up I already knew the answer on that question.

Just take a look at this line-up and let it sink in. Barcelona used to play with Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets in midfield, Suarez, Neymar and Messi up front. Players like Arturo Vidal and Kevin-Prince Boateng never came close to this time. Now, with Ernesto Valverde at the helm these players just start. I don’t think Barcelona under Pep or even Luis Enrique would have played with Vidal on midfield and Boateng up front. I can imagine they want to use Vidal as back-up for Busquets, but I don’t see why they play with two DM’s against a team like Real Valladolid, while leaving Coutinho on the bench. Ok, I know Coutinho haven’t showed his best form at Barcelona, but you can see the guy can play football.


I’ve expressed my feelings about Ernesto Valverde as Barcelona Fc manager in the past. the worst thing that could happen, just happened last week. Barca extended Valverde’s contract at the club, which gives him a few more years to ruin the club. As long as they keep on winning the title the club will be happy. I will be happen when they’ve got a new manager who really brings the old Barca-style back at the club.

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