Atlético fans hang a doll with the shirt of Real player Vinícius

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, supporters of Atlético Madrid hung a doll of Real Madrid player Vinícius Júnior on a bridge near Valdebebas, the training complex of Real Madrid. Both clubs, who play against each other in the Copa del Rey on Thursday evening, have strongly condemned the action. Real and Atlético will compete against each other on Thursday in the quarterfinals of the Spanish cup tournament. Part of the hard core of Atlético decided to hang a doll with Vinícius’ shirt on a bridge in the run-up to the derby. The accompanying banner reads “Madrid hates Real”.

Atlético Madrid statement

“This kind of action is abhorrent and intolerable,” Atlético said in a statement on Thursday. “We condemn any action that violates the dignity of any person or institution.” “The rivalry between the two clubs is great, but so is the mutual respect. We don’t know who the perpetrator or perpetrators are, but their anonymity does not mean they will avoid punishment. We hope that the authorities find out what happened and that justice be done.”

Racism towards Vinicius

Real Madrid is also disgusted by the “abhorrent act of racism”. “We strongly condemn actions that violate people’s rights and dignity. This has nothing to do with football and sports.” “This kind of attack on one of our players or on any athlete has no place in our society. Real Madrid trusts that all people involved in this act will be arrested.” It is not the first time that Atlético fans have targeted the 22-year-old attacker. In September, hundreds of Atlético supporters chanted “Vinícius, you’re a monkey” ahead of the La Liga derby with Real. Monkey noises and curses were also heard towards Vinícius during the match. Free bet offers for both can be placed online! Place your bets now!

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