As Roma versus Liverpool

AS Roma versus Liverpool | Reds reach the final

After Real Madrid reached the final, it’s now time for the last semi-final match. The second leg of this semi-final is played in Stadio Olimpico, where AS Roma needs to turn around a 5-2 defeat from the away match. In this post we give a summary of AS Roma versus Liverpool and you will find the match stats at the bottom of this article.

AS Roma versus Liverpool first half

The game started as we all hoped for. AS Roma tried to push forward and Liverpool with quick counter attacks. A mistake by Naingolan led to the first real counter by Liverpool. It was Firmino who got the ball from the Belgium and he passed it to Mane. The Senegalese striker didn’t hesitate and scored in the 9th minute. Only a few minutes later it was his teammate with the equaliser. Lovren tried to clear the ball, but it deflected from Milner’s face behind Karius in the goal. After 15 minutes of play, the score was already 1-1. Both teams kept on going, which makes this a very interesting half of football to watch. Georginio Wijnaldum even scored the 1-2 after 25 minutes. This was the last goal of the first half, leaving AS Roma the task to score 4 goals in the second half.

Second half

Edin Dzeko scored the 2-2 in the beginning of the first half, which could have been the built-up to another crazy 45 minutes, but Roma looked to be empty. They couldn’t really put pressure on Liverpool’s defence in the second half. While the Reds were waiting for their famous counter attacks. Naingolan managed to make up for his mistake by scoring the 3-2 in the 87th minute of the match, but this was too little too late for the Italian side. Even the 4-2 from a penalty, wasn’t enough for Roma. AS Roma versus Liverpool ended in a 3-2 victory for As Roma and Liverpool will play their eight Champions League final.

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