AS Roma signs Justin Kluivert

AS Roma signs Justin Kluivert | Transfer news

We all seen it coming for the last couple of weeks, but things are going to be completed real soon after Justin Kluivert arrived at Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino airport this morning. His current club Ajax gave him permission to get his contract signed at the number three of the Italian Serie A 2017-2018. AS Roma signs Justin Kluivert for a fee round about 17 million Euro’s.

AS Roma signs Justin Kluivert

Kluivert is going to be the third Dutchman in this team since he joins Kevin Strootman and Rick Karsdorp. He had one year left on his contract and refused to sign a new deal at Ajax. This was a reason for the club to sell him before he leaves for free in the next summer. The way he handled this entire situation gives me a bad feeling. He wanted to earn a record amount of money at the club, while he isn’t nowhere near the best player at the moment. He showed all the signs of a young player who really overestimate his own qualities. A little bit too much arrogance in my eyes. These are never good signs for a player at his age.

Potential superstar?

Many people in Europe are talking about Kluivert as a potential superstar. I’m an Ajax fan and I’ve seen every single match of him last season. As a big fan of his father I was a little bit prejudged, so I already liked him before he played his first minutes at the club. He played some good matches, but not enough to earn this transfer in my opinion. I’m afraid he will fail to get a lot of matches on the board for AS Roma and that he isn’t going to make the progress he would have made when he stayed in Amsterdam. I really believe this is the next example of a player who leaves the nest too early. I’ve seen too many players wasting their potential by moving too early in their career.

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