AS Roma scumbags

AS Roma scumbags attack Liverpool fans

Earlier this week we wrote a post about the ultimate form of sportsmanship by As Roma’s squad and staff. They paid their respect to Liverpool and his history by visiting the Hillsborough Memorial. It was such a good example they gave, that makes it even more unfortunate that some of their so called fans ruined a beautiful football night. Some AS Roma scumbags attacked Liverpool fans, which left Sean Cox in the hospital.

AS Roma scumbags attack Liverpool fans

Football should be a game for everyone, young and old, man and woman. But some idiots only use this beautiful game to express their own frustrations. I’ve seen fan fighting when visiting matches on my own and I never understand why people do this. I like to support my team and of course I don’t like our opponents on match-day. But I never felt the need to punch opponents in their face. The fact that some AS Roma scumbags attacked a Liverpool fan, which can cost him his live is unbelievable. I saw pictures of people walking around with hammers and stuff. Like what the fuck people? Why do you go to a football match with a hammer? You must be a sick individual to do this and I hope these people will be locked up forever.

Sean Cox

Sean Cox is an 53-year old Irish Liverpool fan, who just wanted to enjoy a match of his favourite team. He was randomly attacked by the Italian cowards. This attack might cost him his life. He underwent a major surgery and the next 48 hours are crucial for him. I really hope he will survive it completely and fully recover so he can see his team play again in the future.

I was so happy with the atmosphere and match at Anfield on Tuesday, but this news leaves a bittersweet taste in my mouth. #staystrongsean


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