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Arsenal versus Atletico Madrid 1-1 | Match stats

Arsenal versus Atletico Madrid is a Champions League worthy match in the semi-finals of the Europa League. Two teams with a big history in European football, played their first tie of this semi-final at the Emirates Stadium. This tournament is for Arsenal very important. Winning this tournament is the only chance for the Gunners to reach the 2018-2019 Champions League tournament.

Arsenal versus Atletico Madrid match report

The crowd was up for it from the start of this match. They created an atmosphere we don’t see much at the Emirates Stadium and tried to lift to team. This led to some early pressure and a yellow card for Atletico Madrid player Vrsaljko in the second minute. A few minutes later it was Alexandre Lacazette with the first chance of this match. He hitted the outside of the post with a volley. Jan Oblak stopped a header by Lacazette to deny the Frenchman from scoring only second laters. Then things got really heated when Vrsaljko tackled Lacazette and the French referee awarded him with his second yellow. So Atletico Madrid plays with ten men from the 10th minute. The Spanish side wasn’t too happy with the referee and after comments on him, Diego Simeone was sent to the stands.

Arsenal kept missing chances, but it was eventually Alexandre Lacazette who broke the deadlock. He headed Jack Wilshere’s cross against the back of the net to bring Arsenal at 1-0 in the 61st minute of this match. This goal gives Arsenal a lift for the remaining 30 minutes of this match. Arsenal completely dominated the match, but than happened what every Arsenal fan expected. A mistake in the back led to the equaliser by Antoine Griezmann. Things like this happening all the time, Arsenal can never rely on a stable defence.

Arsenal versus Atletico Madrid finished in a 1-1 draw, which is a huge result for Atletico. I don’t see Arsenal winning in Madrid to be honest.

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