Tottenham Hotspur defeat

Arrogance will cost Tottenham Hotspur top 4 finish

I’ve been watching a lot of matches in the Premier League this season. Amongst them are almost every single Tottenham Hotspur match and there is one thing I noticed while watching some of these matches. The Spurs seem to have some kind of an arrogant attitude towards their lesser opponents in some matches. This attitude will cost them a top 4 finish in my opinion.

Tottenham Hotspur arrogance

The last match against Southampton was one of them, just like the match against Wolverhampton Wanderers earlier this season. In both matches the Spurs completely dominated the first half, but failed to win the match in the first 45 minutes. The second 45 minutes in both matches, the Spurs players walked around the pitch like they already had the three points in the pocket. Last Saturday Harry Kane scored the 0-1 for the Spurs in the first half. This goal led to a form of arrogance that will always be punished in the English Premier League. Southampton felt there was something in this match for them and they went for it in the second half. Goals by Valery and Ward-Prowse brought the Saint 3 points.

No squad depth

The arrogance attitude is for me one of the big problems within this Tottenham team, but you can also argue the lack of squad depth is really hurting them. The board refused the strengthen their squad in the last two transfer windows and we see the effect of this on the pitch. Especially in the Premier League, it’s important to refresh your team frequently and get internal competition in your team. Without competition players know they will play each match and this will make players lazy. Competition makes players stronger and the urge to fight for their place in the team brings the best out of each player.

Top 4 race done?

In the title of this article I see the arrogance will cost Tottenham Hotspur a top 4 finish. Some of you will say that they are still in the top 4 and that’s right. But the gap to Man United(currently 5th) is only three points. Tottenham still has away matches against Liverpool and Manchester City upcoming. Arsenal, only two points behind Tottenham, has the easiest run-in out of all top 6 teams. They won’t play against any other top 6 teams. So they look to be heading towards a top 4 finish. Manchester United is in much better form than the Spurs, so I can see them finish above Tottenham too. If the Spurs actually finish outside the top 4, it’s the board to blame in my eyes. They will need to make up for it by getting some top quality players in the summer, otherwise I can see their current players leaving for more ambitious clubs.

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