Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta leaves Barcelona in the summer

On the day the Dutch are celebrating Kingsday, a king announces he will leave his club. Don Andres, how they like to call Iniesta announced his retirement at Fc Barcelona at the end of this season. I think everybody has seen it coming, especially since he left the pitch crying in the Copa del Rey final against Sevilla last Saturday. Andres Iniesta leaves Barcelona after playing there for 22 seasons.

Andres Iniesta

Don Andres announced this at a press conference in Camp Nou earlier today. The entire Barca squad was present at this announcement. He really struggled to hold his tears back during his speech. He said:”It was a big honour to play for most beautiful club in the world.” Andres Iniesta doesn’t know what the future holds for him yet. Several Spanish media are stating he is in talks with several Chinese clubs. One thing is for sure, he won’t be playing in Spain anymore after this season.

Iniesta at Barcelona

He entered La Masia, Barca’s famous youth academy, at the age of 12. He spent here the rest of his youth, until he made his debut for the first team when he was only 18 years old. Iniesta was a part of Barca’s most successful team ever. He dominated midfield in every single match together with his friend Xavi. Iniesta won a total of 31 trophies and is going to add the 32nd this weekend, when he can win La Liga for the ninth time.

International success

Don Andres wasn’t just an important player for Barcelona. He was also a big part of Spain’s most successful era. With Iniesta in the centre of the midfield, Spain won the Euro’s in 2008 and 2012. In between they won the World Cup in 2010 thanks to a winning goal by Iniesta.

It clear to say Andres Iniesta is one of the best and most important players both Barcelona and Spain’s national team ever had. It’s not without a reason that the crowd in every single Spanish stadiums applauds when Iniesta leaves the pitch. I personally almost always enjoyed watching him play. Only problem I have with him is the goal in the World Cup final. As a Dutchman it still hurts me that we lost that final due to his goal. But still, one of the greatest players the football world has ever seen will leave Europe in the summer and that’s a pity. Good luck in the rest of your career Andres!

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