Manchester City v Palace

A Victorious Win For Manchester City

The match between both clubs, Manchester City and Crystal Place was settled over at the Selhurst Park, South London. From the beginning of the whistle being blown, it was then that Manchester City had carried not only a strong dominance through out the field but also being able to make the first goal on the 39th minute.The forward #9 Gabriel Jesus, scores the first goal made by a beautiful and yet an astonishing outstanding goal. He makes a header while diving low to the ground with the passing assist delivered by Bernardo Silva. While Crystal Palace managed to have a moment to go for the attack, it was most likely that the Manchester City defense had managed to intercepted the play and from there made an attacking play.

Manchester City passing game

From the passing game to Kevin De Bruyne, to Gabriel Jesus to Raheem Sterling’s magical chipped pass towards David Silva. It was yet David Silva who managed score the second goal right in between Hennessy’s legs making it 2-0. With the first half coming towards to an end, Raheem Sterling receives a yellow card by clashing with Joel Ward.

As Manchester City continued to take chance after chance on trying to provide on getting the third goal. Crystal Palace had yet still managed to keep its persistence on preventing them to make the third goal to happen. Despite the potential chances and moments on what Wilfred Zaha had made. It was yet still not enough to make a goal. On the 61st minuet as Kevin de Bruyne made it to the box of Crystal Palace. Wilfred Zaha not only managed to guard him as possible, but most likely had caused a scene which could have and should have been a penalty. Although the penalty was not awarded for KdB, a 2 lead win was yet enough for a win for Guardiola side. Which gave Manchester City a solid 2nd place on the English Premier League.

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