2019 Summer transfer talk #3

2019 summer transfer talk #3 | controversies

It’s time for 2019 summer transfer talk #3. In the previous transfer talk we discussed the activities from Real Madrid. The club which already spent tons of money to improve their squad. The subject of this transfer talk is controversies. Where it seems a quiet time in the sense of big transfers, this period is filled with controversies. In this article we discuss the biggest transfer controversies of this moment.

2019 summer transfer talk #3 controversies

In this post we discuss the three biggest and most talked about controversies on the transfer market.

Antoine Griezmann

The French World Cup winner is responsible for the biggest transfer controversy of this transfer window. In May of this year he announced he would be leaving Atletico Madrid and go for a new challenge. Last Friday the soap finally seemed over when Barcelona announced his arrival.

Atletico Madrid however believes the transfer isn’t valid. There was a 200 million buy-out clause in his contract, which was officially lowered to 120 million on the 1st of July. Atletico is convinced Barca reached an agreement with Griezmann before the 1st of July, so they believe the price should be 200 million, while Barca only paid 120. This soap isn’t over and it’s going to be interesting to see how this develops.

Laurent Koscielny

The French captain of Arsenal expressed his desire to move back to his home country. He appeared to have talks about a move to several Ligue 1 clubs with the Arsenal board, but Koscielny feels the club is demanding too much money for him. In order to show everyone he’s serious about moving, he decided to refuse to go on tour with the club. When the plane left to the United States, Koscielny stayed in London. This is a hard blow for a club which is already struggling to get some new players in. Arsenal is in desperate need for new centre backs, but instead of buying new ones, their current CB captain goes on a strike.

Matthijs de Ligt

The 19 year old captain of Ajax reached an agreement on personal terms with Juventus. The big problem is the agreement between both clubs. De Ligt and his representative Mino Raiola believe Ajax promised to let him go for 50 million Euros. Ajax isn’t aware of any such agreement and demands 75 million Euros. Juventus made a first bid of 50 million which was refused by Ajax. The Amsterdam club went on tour to Austria without their captain, so it seems an agreement between both clubs is close and this soap will end soon.


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